Saturday, 18 November 2006

Welcome to EDSW

It occurred to me recently (on my honeymoon, no less) that I spend a significant amount of time and energy finding special places to eat. What I mean by that are the real finds - not chains or trendy places, but local haunts that create truly memorable meals using the highest quality ingredients, and a dedication to the joy of eating.

Of course, once having found a real gem, a huge part of my joy is sharing the find with those who you know will appreciate it. Because friends and family know this about me, I often have had requests over the years for lists of places to eat, drink, and stay in cities that I frequent (New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, London, Florence, Rome to name a few) . This blog is an attempt to move past the hastily-emailed Word documents that I've used in such circumstances. My hope is that those who seek great, local food, drink and accomodations will use this as an ever-present resource in their travels. So, welcome and enjoy!

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